PENTAX Medical is an established leading provider of gastrointestinal endoscopy products designed to meet a wide range of clinical and economic needs.


HD+ Video Gastroscope EG34‑i10

Optimal therapeutic platform. Advanced visualization. Ergonomically improved design to enhance comfort.

Transnasal EG16‑K10 Video Gastroscope

Latest technology in endoscopic imaging. Improved comfort and balance. Slim distal-end design for patient comfort.


MagniView EG‑2990Zi Video Gastroscope

Powerful magnification. Excellent imaging. Full functionality and ergonomic design.

i10 Series Video Gastroscopes

Outstanding HD+ megapixel resolution imaging, improved visualization of mucosal detail. Optimized ergonomics and user interface. Expanded therapeutic capabilities. .

Transnasal EG16‑K10 Video Gastroscope

Excellent HD+ megapixel resolution image quality. Proven ergonomic design. Established quality.


MagniView EG‑2990Zi Video Gastroscope

Exceptional high-resolution imaging. Proven ergonomic design. Established quality.

Kp Series Video Gastroscopes

Enhanced digital imaging. Proven design. Established quality and support.

V Series Fiber Gastroscopes

Outstanding optical quality. Optimized interface and functionality. Proven quality and durability.

EPK‑i5000 High‑Definition Video Processor

The PENTAX Medical EPK-i5000 combines excellent illumination and HD image quality at an outstanding price-performance ratio. Ideal for practitioners focused on state-of-the-art imaging technology for their day-to-day clinical work.